About the Company

The private enterprise CITO COMPANY OOD is established in 1990. For the time of its existence the company has managed to establish itself as a leader in import and distribution of medicines, sanitary and medical products, adapted baby milk, dietetic foods and nutrative supplements, medical cosmetics, herbs, etc.

CITO COMPANY OOD promotes the healthcare products from its catalogue along with the central representative offices. Also it is involved in registration and re-registration of medical products in correspondence with the country’s laws. The company participates in the organization of simposia and internationally oriented activities, and training of specialists for the pharmaceutical field. CITO COMPANY Ltd. continuously extends its activities and its slogan is correct relations with the partners. 

Our products

CITO COMPANY OOD offers the products of over 30 foreign companies and all Bulgarian pharmaceutical producers. The CITO COMPANY OOD active catalogue exceeds 5 000 entries.

The comapny is the official representative for the products of Geratherm Medical AG – Germany for Bulgaria.

prd_ger_Therm_ColorGeratherm Medical AG – Germany is an internationally aligned medical technology company with the business divisions of Body Temperature, Cardio and Blood Pressure. Their roots are in medical temperature measurement. In this area, they offer a broad range of products, most of which have unique features. They make available to our customers/patients high-quality products ranging from the thermometer to complex warming systems for the operating and emergency areas. Read More



CITO COMPANY OOD is a certified with ISO 9001:2015 wholesaler of pharmaceutical products since December 2007 – in compliance with the innovations and affiliation of the business field with European practices.